0.25 lb


THE COFFEE ONE has been Restructured, Revamped and Reconfigured!

The folks at Nectar of Life Coffee Company of Pistol River, Oregon, have created an Exclusive Custom Blend for OAS! Tones of Chocolate and Cherry enrobe this now very Special Coffee Blondie and the Jolt of COFFEE!!  compels one to search for the White Chocolate Chips within for that Oh So Decadent Coffee and Cream affair! A Must for the Coffee Connoisseur in Your Life!

Choose our Luscious Coffee Blondie as is, or you may include your amount of Carolina Reaper Pepper to the mix from Spicy Version X to ChiliHead XXX  as an individual Sweet or Sweet Heat or as a Boxed set of 9!

Made with Gluten Free Ingredients:
Eggs, Butter Sugar, Coffee, White Chocolate, Garbanzo Bean Flour, Vanilla.