Old Bones Chili Co. Smoked Hot Chili-Churri 220g

0.97 lb

Inspired by traditional Argentinian 'red chimmi-churri', we've slow roasted Habanero and Orange Criolla Sella chilies in oil with our secret blend of OB herbs and spices to bring you this absolute flavour bomb.

Tantalise ya tastebuds with 220g of smokey, spiced goodness with the meaty garlic punch you know and love. Chuck it on a juicy rib eye, toss it through your veggies, pimp your rice, use it as a marinade or mix it with soy for an A+ accessory to your dumplings - the options are endless.

🥈 2nd Place Prepared Sauce (Unique) - Scovie Awards 2023

Vegan. Gluten Free. Made in the USA.

INGREDIENTS: Oil, Habanero Peppers, Criolla Peppers, Garlic, Red Onion, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Spices.