Once upon a time, there were two people who loved each other very much. As a jester of his love, he created a beautiful meal for her. The table was set with treasured plates, silverware of years gone past and a cornucopia of Sir Dave Schramm’s Magical Seasoning Powders. The meal of warm and delicious Roasted Meats and Vegetables was a sensation to behold and a bowl of fresh strawberries for each awaited for their dessert.  

The meal was splendid and at their finish, as a loving jester, she offered him a bowl of strawberries liberally dusted with Cocoa Bliss, Old Agness Store’s Dessert Seasoning Created By Sir Dave Schramm, a superb mixture of Cocoa, Cinnamon, Sugar and a touch of pepper. Swooping up several strawberries in the silver spoon, he reveled in the delight of the chocolate kissed strawberries...

And then his eyes widened, his face reddened, silence fell over the poor lad...WHAT OCCURRED?? What intensity has been created???

A look at the powder container dispelled the abominable mistake!! Cocoa Bliss was actually Sir Dave’s Private Reserve CHOCOLATE CARAMEL SEASONING!!…Which, in all Books of Yore, has Nothing to do with Chocolate and Nothing to do with Caramel AND Everything to do with Super Hot Peppers!!

The Moral of the Story: It is in Good Keeping NOT to confuse The OAS line of Dessert Trio Seasonings - Cocoa Bliss, Vanilla Bliss or Strawberry Bliss, with that of their Savory Mild, Medium or HOT Seasonings!

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Fantastic place! This will a stopping point each time we make a trip to Gold Beach. The owners are so knowledgeable, friendly, and the selection is amazing!!
You have to try the brownies!! Yum!!

Wendy and Jon

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