Habanero Hot - Why choose this flavor for your habanero pepper products.

Habanero Hot

“Habanero Hot!” … this is the reply we most often receive when we ask our heat seeking customers… "What is your Heat Level and your Favorite Pepper?"

It is amazing just how many people prefer the taste of the Habanero! And our Small Batch Sauce Makers found here at Old Agness Store have responded well with this versatile pepper! Sauce, Salsa, Pepper Jelly, Seasoning, all creatively crafted with the Habanero Pepper.

Infused with fruit, the Habanero shines with Peach, Pineapple, Orange, Mango, or Fig and in Caribbean Styles for a delicious combination of that wonderful fruity, sweet taste. Some fabulous examples are:

The Habanero is also delicious on the savory side with the flavors of garlic, ginger, cumin or coffee. Here we have such examples as:

…again, just a few! As long as creativity is on the table, the list of combinations is endless! The beauty of the habanero is that the flavor can be enhanced with a mild-medium heat and on up to a super hot sauce, depending on how the pepper is used and if combined with other peppers. As I mentioned, a versatile pepper and one that needs to be gracing your meal…soon!