The 3 Top Reasons You Must Visit the OAS Sauce Collection!

The 3 Top Reasons You Must Visit the OAS Sauce Collection!


  1. Whether in person or online, A Connoisseur of Sauce, aka ChiliHead, from any walk of life, would appreciate the OAS Hot Sauce Collection! Over 300 Small and Micro Batch Products, from the USA, Canada and Europe, brimming with flavor and craftsmanship line our wall of our store in Gold Beach, Oregon. An impressive array of taste sensations ready for anyone's culinary enjoyment!
  2. The Many Heat Levels of our Sauces is from Mild to Wild and every level in between. A Flavor Sensation for Everyone can be found and enjoyed as a Condiment, for Cheese & Charcuterie, adding to Sauces, any sauce, for extra depth, on burgers & sandwich spreads, marinades, salad dressings, a finish for veggies, stirred into soups, in place of ketchup, on eggs, in chili, in cocktails, so many ways to put a smile on your face!
  3. To Sample! We sample many select sauces each day at our store! Find that special sauce or sauces at our shop and test drive them before you take them home with you!

And did I mention just how healthy capsicum is? Well, a bonus for sure! Come on down or online and experience truly wonderful, handpicked sauces at OAS!


29672 Stewart Street, Gold Beach, OR 97444

Located One Block East Between 2nd & 3rd Streets!

(541) 425-5017 store

(541) 247-2032 office

Open 6 Days a Week -10am to 5pm

(Closed Tuesdays)

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I will try it if you send it to me I’ll post it and get others to buy it

Frances L poole

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