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Hurt Berry Farms

Hurt Berry Farms ETHEREAL - Super Hot Sauce 5 oz

Hurt Berry Farms ETHEREAL - Super Hot Sauce 5 oz

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 Hurt Berry Farm proudly introduces Ethereal. A complex and celestial limited edition Super hot sauce featuring the bold flavours & aromas of Indian Tandoori cuisine, pairing them with exotic Persian Limes, and the traditional delectable plant-based beverage of El Salvador, Horchata de Morro.

A fiery blend of Chilies from Carolina Reapers, Ghost Peppers, Kashmiri chilies, Thai Birdseye and Cayenne peppers ignite this otherworldly flavour experience.

Heat Level: 9/10

Ingredients: Water, White Vinegar, Fresh Red Bell Pepper, Cayenne peppers, Sugars (organic cane sugar*), Ghost peppers, Kosher Salt, Carolina Reaper chilies, Thai Birdseye Chilies, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Garlic, Kashmiri Chilies, Coriander, Cumin, Garlic, Ginger, Black Peppercorn, Black Cardamom, Mustard Seed, Cassia, Star Anise, Cassia Leaves, Nutmeg, Cloves, Horchata (Rice, Morro Seeds, Cacao, Sesame Seeds, Vanilla), Persian Limes, Xanthan Gum Contains: Sesame, Mustard

Suggested Pairings:

  • Indian fare
  • BBQ/ Grilled Foods
  • Wings
  • Burgers/ Sandwiches
  • Aiolis/ Spreads/ Dips
  • Asian Fare


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