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You asked .. It's Here!  MisoHeat Reaper Edition is here! This isn’t the MisoHeat they made for everybody; this is the MisoHeat they made for you - the thrill-seeking, masochistic, heat chaser. While never compromising on the characteristic umami flavor of red miso, the addition of Carolina Reaper peppers gives you that spice you have been searching for. Use it on anything that needs some flavor on the tongue and flames to the face. And, keep in mind, this stuff is still good on everything!

What should I put MisoHeat on?

Anything! The way the fermented miso behaves, regardless of what food you put it on or in, it’s going to make that food taste like a better version of itself with a little extra heat. 

Some of our favorite ideas:

  • Marinade for steaks, chicken, tofu and meat alternatives 
  • Smothered on a burger
  • Anything with eggs
  • Tacos
  • Enchilada sauce
  • Smuggling it into your favorite pho or ramen restaurant
  • In pasta sauces or curries
  • Spice up soups and chilis and stews
  • With cream cheese or mayonnaise for a sandwich condiment
  • Broiled salmon or other fish
  • Use as an addition to fresh sausage and jerky! 

Ingredients Red miso paste (water, soybeans, rice, salt, alcohol), hot peppers, red bell pepper, water, rice vinegar, ascorbic acid

Made in a facility that also processes dairy, tree nuts, wheat, and soy

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