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Humboldt Hot Sauce

Humboldt HotSauce - Habanero Mango Sauce

Humboldt HotSauce - Habanero Mango Sauce

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Humboldt Hot Sauce combines all natural and clean ingredients to create hot sauces with layers of flavor. This is our very FIRST hot sauce, created at their restaurant in Portland, Oregon in 2002! Humboldt’s Habanero-Mango features layers of flavor with roasted onions, peppers and fresh garlic, sweet mangoes and habanero heat! Heat Level is a 5 out of 10.

This is a more traditional and savory hot sauce, perfect for adding to any food, bloody Mary’s and adding to mayonnaise and ketchup for a little extra kick!

Ingredients: Onions, Habanero Peppers, Water, Tomatoes, Jalapeño Pepper, Mangoes, Spices, Garlic, Distilled Vinegar, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Lime Juice, and Salt. 

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