Humboldt HotSauce - Trinidad Stinger Sauce

0.94 lb

The Trinidad Stinger took 2nd Place at the 2019 Scovie Awards in the Fruit Hot Sauce Category! The Stinger is sure to Sting-ya with tangy berries and bright lime, with smoky ghost peppers and Butch T Trinidad Scorpion peppers!

Heat Level is a 7 out of 10.

  • This sauce features tangy blackberries and blueberries with bright lime
  • wrapped around smoky hot peppers that will sting ya! Beautiful for
  • grilling meats, sautéed vegetables and on fresh oysters!

Ingredients: Blackberry, blueberry, Butch T Trinidad Scorpion peppers, rice wine vinegar, lime juice, onions, red bell peppers, soy sauce, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, smoked dried ghost pepper powder, lemongrass, lime leaves, black pepper.