Old Bones Chili Co.

Old Bones Chili Co. JAWBREAKER Hot Sauce 6.8oz

Old Bones Chili Co. JAWBREAKER Hot Sauce 6.8oz

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Jawbreaker is Old Bones Chili Co's.  hottest sauce yet. Bottled in elegant 200 mL flasks and made in a limited edition batch these sauce bottles will likely become collector's items. Crafted with their secret hot pepper smoking method, Jaw Breaker is a true Carolina Reaper hot sauce, no other peppers are used except Reapers -  balanced with a meaty garlic punch, this is a full flavoured sauce that kicks like a mule!

Jaw breaker is not for the faint hearted - this sauce is complex, hot and extremely delicious for high heat hot sauce lovers.

Jaw breaker is your go-to for spicing up breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between, crank up the heat to your burgers, steaks, seafood, pasta or wood fired pizza while adding a zingy garlic twist - make this your new secret ingredient for any cuisine or recipe. 

Old Bones Jaw Breaker Hot Sauce is made and bottled by hand. 

🥇 1st Place Hot Sauce (Extra Hot) - International Hot Sauce Awards (Berlin) 2024
🥇 1st Place Hot Sauce (All Natural XXX Hot) - Scovie Awards 2023 

🥇 1st Place People's Choice Pepper Sauce: Austin Hot Sauce Festival 2023

🥇1st Place Hot Sauce (Extra Hot) - Saucetown Hot Sauce Awards 2022

🥈2nd Place Hot Sauce (Hot) - Saucetown Hot Sauce Awards 2023

🥉 3rd Place Commercial Bottlers Pepper Sauce: Austin Hot Sauce Festival 2023 

🥉 3rd Place Reaper Sauce: Screaming Mi Mi Award - NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2023 

🥉 3rd Place Best Pepper Sauce  - Austin Hot Sauce Festival 2022

 Vegan. Gluten Free. Made in USA.

INGREDIENTS: Carolina Reaper Peppers, Vinegar, Garlic, Water, Sugar, Salt.

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